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We Can Make This Tough Time Easier!

Be advised that no one should ever tell you that being an executor or personal representative will be easy.  You will be making decisions you truly never thought you would have to make, and it's hard.  As an experienced Real Estate Professional, we will make sure that you are always well-informed in regard to these decisions - especially as they pertain to real estate. We will also help you with some of the difficult conversations you may have to have with family members and other heirs. If you haven't yet secured the services of a competent probate attorney, we can help you choose one whose good work we know and are comfortable recommending.

We'll help you at every step along the way and do everything possible to steer you clear of the minefields. Of course, you'll still have to make some interesting choices, but having us as an advisor by your side makes the task significantly less lonely and stressful.

Don't Know Where To Start?

The process of selling your loved one’s home is likely going to be emotionally challenging, from the sorting of the personal belongings to the finalization of the sale at the closing table. By surrounding yourself with professionals who are empathetic and helpful, this process can be easier. Other than an attorney, your greatest resources are real estate professionals that understand the intricacies of probate property sales. 

You Don't Have To Take On Probate Alone

You have a life and job and family. With your added job as Executor or Administrator you time will be limited.  Why not allow us to help minimize your stress finding a mover, a clean up crew, a self-storage unit, an attorney, a financial advisor, and .............

You don't have to take all of this on alone!  The sooner you get us on board, the easier it will be for you and your family.  

80% of American's wealth is in their home.

Everyone needs time to deal with the passing of a loved one. When it's time to liquidate the real estate in the estate, you need to take the appropriate steps to learn the market, educate yourself and find an empathetic REALTOR® that can save you time, money and headaches during the transaction. My team is ready to help in every phase of the transaction and get the terms you and your family want and need. 

We might not know all the answers but we pledge we will do our best to find a solution to your Probate challenges

Communicate with multiple beneficiaries, legal team, buyers, contractors, Title company, estate sale company, and financial advisors

Help with probate paperwork, deadlines, and procedures, and follow the Code of Ethics as a REALTOR® 

Determine the Market Value of the Assets, provide a marketing strategy, negotiate, and determine next steps to selling the assets

The Job of A Personal Representative- Executor/Administrator

A: The main tasks of a Personal Representative are to:

(1) determine if there are any probate assets;

(2) identify, gather, and inventory the assets of the deceased;

(3) receive payments due the estate, including interest, dividends, and other income (e.g., unpaid salary, vacation pay, and other company benefits);

(4) set up a checking account for the estate;

(5) figure out who is going to get what and how much under the Will (if there is no Will, the state’s “interstate succession laws” apply);

(6) value or appraise the estate’s assets;

(7) give legal notice to potential creditors (the procedure and deadlines for creditors to file claims vary from state-to-state);

(8) investigate the validity of all claims against the estate;

(9) pay funeral bills, outstanding debts, and valid claims;

(10) pay the expenses of administrating the estate;

(11) handle various paperwork, such as discontinuing utilities and charge cards, and notifying Social Security, Civil Service, and Veterans Administration of the death;

(12) file and pay income and estate taxes;

(13) distribute the remaining property in accordance with the instructions provided in the deceased’s Will; and

(14) close probate.

The Probate Process

If You Are An Attorney

If you are an attorney who has experience working with probate issues, we’d certainly like to get to know you better. Because of our niche on this segment of the market, we frequently need to make referrals to attorneys and other specialists to provide assistance and guidance to our clients in many areas.  If you would like to be considered for referrals, please contact us.